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the adventures of 

Lucinda Dumpling


MEET Lucinda


Lucinda Dumpling is an explorer, adventurer, code breaker and a synesthete. She has a form of synaesthesia, where she see colours and patterns whenever she listen to music and sound. 

She is witty, colourful and has a deep love of nature.  

She talks to trees and butterflies and even gets excited by dirt!

Lucinda loves to travel and she has many dreams of exploring and learning the history, mystery and culture of Planet Earth and beyond. 

On one of her travels to a faraway land, Lucinda saw a gigantic saucepan half-buried in the middle of a village square.  Upon closer inspection, she noticed words on the saucepan which glowed and fade, revealing secret codes on how to fly the saucepan. This changed her life forever. 

Her adventures will indeed take you on a journey of magic, history, mystery, fun, humour and exploration of cultures and traditions around the world and beyond. 

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